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Marathon Day 4 – Scribbles

Worked on the bull early this morning at 7am, cleaning up some things, and started the feet. But I’m not posting about that here.

I had lunch with my buddy, John Bell, and I showed him some things to get some feedback. It’s always good to get some feedback, even if you know what your problems are. John is great because he comes at you with some great ideas – things you would have never thought of.

We talked about how the art in the book needs to feel alive, much like any other inked art. I’ve been concerned that the very precise nature of building in 3D can come off really stiff. So mocking up some scenes early is important. Last weekend played around with the another scene and experimented with some visual tests. I’m still not sure what style the book my eventually take, most of it depends on the results of how the models will eventually interact with each other. I do know that:

  • It will be monochromatic – it helps frame the nature of where and how this world works.
  • I want some flexibility to show what poly lines I want visible. SketchUp is designed for that kind of rendering choices, most renderers are not.
  • I’d like to do as little work in Photoshop as possible. This is mostly because of time, but I also don’t want to noodle things too much, which I’m prone to do.

So we talked about this scene:


The the above image looks pretty stiff. It’s very early in the blocking but I did bring out my worst fears – there’s plenty, plenty more work to do.

And I scribbled my notes like this:


A close up of the car and rendering style.


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