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Sam Sketch

Things are still moving forward in the Fuel & Fire camp. Lately, I’ve been drawing a lot on the ‘ol animation disk for other projects, and the comic. Yes, real pencils, and that arcane tool known as a sharpener.

My latest task has been trying to work out the visual elements for, Sam, the pilot of the flying wing. Some information about her:

  • She’s a big game hunter.
  • With the flying wing, she goes on expeditions out on the dangerous flatlands.
  • Her father, Al, owns and operates the Ammo and Waffles next to Chan’s shop.
  • She and Chan bicker about the flying wing constantly. Chan originally built and hot rodded the wing, as well as providing the maintenance. Like all his vehicle creations, he has a hard time letting them go - even to the owners.
  • She uses a semi automatic large caliber rifle. The semi automatic nature, and the handy extra clips are needed because her prey travels in packs and they can be vicious.
  • Her prey, is a mainstay in the world’s economy.

Here’s one of my sketches for her costume:


Sketch Notes:

  • She’s not wearing chaps, those are g-suit inspired pant-like-things.
  • That’s not her belly showing, she wears a light shirt under that top.
  • The pouches on the tactical harness are for ammo clips. They’re not big enough.
  • The lack of landmarks makes navigation through in the flatlands difficult, and she must diligently keep track of her flight path. Because of this she has a pad strapped to her leg, and always has a writing instrument on her (hence the slots on her shirt sleeve).
  • She has a hip pack for light survival gear that is attached to her tactical harness and belt (which uses an old airline lap buckle).
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  1. kannan

    Excellant !! this will make a fantastic animation movie.

    I have been following this development for sometime, you’ve got a unique style.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. monsterzero

    Yeah, maybe someday it will become an animated film. For now I just need to get the comic version done! Heh.

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