1. Unknown Target

    I love this model! One question though – do the landing gear retract? And if so, how?

  2. monsterzero

    Therein lies the rub.

    When sizing out each element for the wing I wanted the main gear to be massive and with its nose down in front in a nod to the funny car. Part of the reason for the massive main gear is to increase the landing capability on salt flat like terrain, since there’s plenty of that in this world.

    In meeting those criteria I created a landing gear system that can’t fit within the wing shape. Oh well, that’s fine by me. Fictionally the wing was artfully cobbled together by Jimmy Chan who scavenged parts from many different types of planes he found. I figured he needed the landing gear to work a certain way, bolted it on, and didn’t care about it fully retracting.

    It’s not great aerodynamically, and fuel efficiency is low – but what can you do?

  3. Thierry

    “It’s not great aerodynamically, and fuel efficiency is low – but what can you do?”

    Can I have the 3d model? I want to build it into a rc model. Dont worry about the aerodynamics. The model itself is efficient, it just need to go through some software! (x-plane and CompuFoil3D)

  4. monsterzero

    Sorry Thierry, I’m not sharing the model with anyone at this time.

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