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SketchCrawl #14

It was a great day for a SketchCrawl in San Francisco! Several things I learned today;

  • Remember to pull the battery off the charger and put it into your fancy pants camera next time.
  • There’s plenty of $6 weekend parking lots around the Ferry Building. Who woulda thunk?
  • A light fold-able stool might be good to have.
  • I’m a talentless hack and I should hack off my drawing arm and sell it to a pack of hungry werewolves. Are werewolves ever not hungry?

I look forward to the next one!

Some drawings -







Thanks To Enrico and Ronnie the organizers!

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  1. Lawrence

    Those are some nice sketch crawling you be doing, Justin. I feel for those fishes.

  2. macwithamac

    Justin…where did u go…I have gotten addicted to your daily blogs and now there hasn’t been an update for awhile…c’mon you gotta keep the fans updated.

  3. monsterzero

    I’ve been out on the road and out on a little ‘off the grid’ vacation in Kauai. I had hoped to do some work out there but when you have a chance to go out deep sea fishing at 4 in the morning it eats up my daily regiment. No problem, I didn’t want to push myself while I had sun and surf at my disposal.

    I will be posting soon, especially the picture of a 210 pound Ahi I reeled in.

    (posting this from my phone)

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