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Hunter SketchUp Posing Rig

So today I starting working on the posing rig for the Hunter. It’s becoming pretty complicated but I’m very hopeful that it’ll work. Well, I know it’ll work, but will it work the way I want, i.e. will it be easy enough to pose, and could I stand to pose ten’s and ten’s of these. These guys travel in packs, and are known to attack in packs.

There are several differences between rigging in Sketchup or using Maya. Here are the big ones I see:

  • In Maya control nodes are easily selectable, with all rotation axis available to grab. In Sketchup I have to snap the rotation tool to a surface that mimics the angle I want to rotate on (hence why the strangeness in the rigging shapes see below).
  • In Maya I can use reference of the real model in real time with other models I might be posing.
  • In Sketchup, all hidden and “inking lines that I’ve already sculpted are maintained. If I import a posed model in from Maya, I have to re-hide all the poly lines that I didn’t want to show up.
  • I wouldn’t use IK tools in Maya anyway.
  • I wouldn’t use blend-shapes, or soft skinning in Maya.
  • I still might rig a hunter model in Maya if I need to really pose one with a character.

Enough bullet points. Here are some images of the rig:




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  1. Justin, I know i’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know. But sometimes its still nice to here. You artist quality and work are amazing. I found SketchUp in April of this year. Am I ever hooked. Your sites are going to be a great help to me. I’m about to be 67 years young. And learning is still my favorite hobby. I’m about to try to rig and further render my Mars Recreation Rover that I make for the Google SketchUp “3d challenge 003. Thanks for putting your stuff out there to help people like myself.

  2. monsterzero

    Hi Don,
    Regardless of the critiques (or not) I still love to hear from people who come to my blog. I’m no spring chicken myself, and I have just really kicked up my 3D art work and education recently as well. It’s great to see others do the same. Thanks for writing and the nice comments.

    If you have any questions about the rigging don’t hesitate to ask (just post a comment and I’ll do what I can).

  3. monsterzero, It’s been a while. I’ve discovered that I have to break apart my Mars Rover into many pieces and export them into Maya a separate pieces and then reassemble them before I can begin to rig. So I’ll be working on that for a while. Can you suggest additional sites that I might use for reference.
    Thanks Don

  4. monsterzero

    Hi Don,
    Have you seen this post?

    That will help with exporting the entire model (thought it requires some repairs on Maya).

    Are you going to rig in Maya, or try my method in SketchUp?

  5. To be honest with you, I have never written any comments or posts in the Internet. This is my first time. Why did I decide to post? The answer is simple – all information here is so amazing and interesting that it’s hard to imagine someone wouldn’t comment it.

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