Crashing the Tow Truck Part 2


I’ve been cranking away at these shots. This sequence is turning out pretty nice.

I’m playing with some rendering options, but I still like the monochromatic feel with simple shadows and the line rendering that’s classic SketchUp. The image was too static in the original output so I took into Photoshop and put some motion blur on it.

Okay back to work. I must finish this scene today.

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  1. arne

    i have been watching your project for a while and really love the aesthetics of your pictures and the technical approach behind it. now this is the first time i think there is something not working – the photoshop motion blur seems to visually collide with the beautiful image instead of supporting it. subjective of course, but it feels like this blur is not part of the world you are creating. maybe a bunch of tiny particles in the air could add dynamic to the scene…
    anyhow – this is amongst my top bookmarks – very nice blog design, too!

  2. monsterzero

    Very good points. I do think it’s a little out there as well. I would prefer to not rely on Photoshop. Plenty of comics are use modern techniques in color and printing, including blur effects. Sometimes it works, bust most of the time is sticks out. So it continues to be something for me to consider…

  3. max

    I do tend to agree with Arne,in the sense that something is not quite right with the motion blur. I think it is because the whole thing seems blurry in all directions, and it makes it hard to see which way the vehicle was moving.

    Still Justin, the models look really nice and I am still in envy

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