1. neats! and really awesome!

  2. i’d seriously spend a night at the cinema if this was on. the limited movement suits the slender style perfectly. digital graphic novel comes to my mind…

  3. Tirapop

    Very nicely done! Conveys a great sense of motion and suspense.

  4. monsterzero

    Thanks everyone.

    arne – you might get your wish. I’m evaluating how I might be able to do the entire book in this way (with some improvements).

    My current thinking is that I love the 2.35 aspect so much (and it suites the story theme) that I’d just frame the entire book that way, and then build, as you say, a “digital graphic novel” out of it.

  5. J. Siefer

    Great stuff! Out of curiosity, how are you rendering your animations to get that nice beige look? Also, is there a way to render an animation with one of Sketchup’s default styles? Every time I try it drops the style. Last, have your tried the Proper Animation plug-in for moving your figures? You could give them a little bit of animation to enhance their movements, or you could even try importing them into After Effects CS4, and animating in there. That would look really nice. Just a thought. Would be glad to discuss! Thanks!!

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