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Building A Mini Portfolio

I’m always trying out new ways to show potential clients my work. It all sounds pretentious and ego driven but how else are you going to show anyone the things you can do? Honestly, in my world visuals are a must.

Instead of doing the traditional portfolio I decided to hand make a ‘low rez’ booklet. The intent was not to do anything high falutin’ or serious but just be scrappy and raw.

It’s made from a torn apart and re

built Rhodia notepad. It turned out pretty sweet but is it still too pretentious?

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  1. Rhoda

    Dude! So I’m home waiting for the Richmond Bridge fiasco to subside before I put myself through that crap, and I figure I’d tinker around the interweb. I finally had a chance to check out what the heck it is that you do, and wow! GORGEOUS.

    Hope you’re doing well and all the best to you!


  2. wella

    I think the Rhodia notepad-as-portfolio is a fabulous idea! It’s like an evolution of a journal / altered book / scrapbook concept, but for a professional purpose. If you showed me one, I’d want to keep it.

  3. monsterzero

    Thanks Rhoda and Wella!
    I wanted to have something that people could skim through and see the broad range of my work. The images are not printed at high quality (except the cinematography stuff) and is all hand cut and a tad rough around the edges. Pretty much like a typical sketchbook.

    Thanks again!

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