1. Paul

    PS Love your night-time shots. Are you running around with a tripod or hand holding?

  2. Jeffro

    Dude – who did your logo? That Fennel kid? Nice…
    The photography looks really good by the way…

  3. monsterzero

    Paul! Tripod all the way. Some of those shots run 5-30 seconds. The cargo cranes are at 30. No way can I sit still for that.

    Jeffro! Haha. Nope I did them. That Fennel kid is just to wild for my taste.

  4. oooooooooooo, cool cards, me want one!!

  5. monsterzero

    I wish you went to SketchCrawl! Let’s hook up soon – I have a great idea for a shirt :)

  6. Hey Justin,

    We miss you! Haven’t heard any news from you. How are you doing?

  7. monsterzero

    I’m doing great. I’m going to start posting again.

  8. J

    What do you use to make your images pop up in gallery form like that??

    • monsterzero

      I use WP Lightbox 2, but for some reason when I either updated to the newer version of WP or changed my theme it doesn’t work for my latest posts. I’m too busy to figure out how to fix it…

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