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Title Platform Credit
Sam & Max Season 2 PC Producer
The Simpsons Game Next Gen Consoles Game and Story Design
Area 51 PS2, Xbox Game Design, Level Flow, Writing
Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault Breakthrough (EP)PC Game Design, Dialog
New Legends Xbox Project Lead, Game Design, Writer
Star Wars: Dark Forces: Jedi Knight PC Project Lead, Game Design, Writer
Star Wars: Dark Forces PC, PS1 Game Design, Writer, Lead Artist
Big Sky Trooper SNES Lead Artist
Eye of the Beholder III: Assualt on Myth Drannor PC Animation
Les Manley: Lost in L.A. PC Lead Artist
Test Drive III: The Passion (EP)PC Artist
Les Manley in: Search for the King PC Lead Artist
Altered Destiny PC Lead Artist
F-14 Tomcat PC Artist
Rampage PC Artist

Filmography (see my film portfolio here): FF = feature film, SF = short film, MV = music video, DOC = documentary

Film Credit Director
Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures (Trailer) Executive Producer, Director Justin Chin
Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas (Short) Producer, Editing Brendan Q. Ferguson
Frequency of Occurrences (Short) 1st AC Julia Jaurigui
A Sus Ordenes (S) DOP Eric Escobar
Favors (SF) DOP Gary King
Koffee House Mayhem (SF) 1st AC, operator Jean-Paul Bonjour
Kitra (MV) DOP, Editor Justin Chin
Conversations (SF) 1st AC Ben Rock
Halloween House Party (FF) DOP Leo Jason Lawrence
OMD (DOC) Camera Pepe Urquijo
Wake Up (SF) DOP Darren Vogel
Robin’s Hood (FF) Gaffer Sara Millman
Anything Anymore (SF) DOP Gene Celso
Special Menu (SF) DOP Garry Gaber
Down Time (FF) Key Grip Sean Wilson
Acknowledge (MV) DOP, Editor Justin Chin
Project Bandaloop (DOC) Camera Op Greg Bernstein

Cameras used: VX1000, VX2000, DSR-500, HD F900, XL1, DVX100, AJ-SDX900, AJ-HDC27F, GY-DV500

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  1. Justin,

    Ran into your work over at the Sketch Up forum — inspired work, brother.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out as the saga continues.

    Rage on,

  2. What a great blog and what great art done with SketchUp! Very nice to see other things being done with SketchUp!!

  3. How’s things?

    Still out here in Texas. Going to work for McAfee next month.

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